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What happens on a pre-employment background check?
"Attorney Johanna Harris allowed me a sneak peak at her new book Use Protection: An Employee's Guide to Advancement in the Workplace, to explain just what to expect in a background check."

"An attorney draws on her experience in labor law to guide employees through
some of the working world’s legal minefields."
"In her debut, labor lawyer Harris maintains the even, objective attitude she encourages workers to adopt throughout chapters on how to read an offer letter, what is and is not covered by the Family Medical Leave Act, and how to file or respond to a harassment claim."

"...Harris takes a cleareyed but optimistic view of the corporate world while warning workers that a human resources department exists for the benefit of the company, not the employee."

"...The well-written narrative avoids most legal jargon and leaves readers feeling hopeful about the possibility of a corporate world staffed by well-informed, reasonable people who appropriately deal with consequences. A readable, highly informative guide to employment law and policy."

"USE PROTECTION: An Employee's Guide to Advancement in the Workplace isn't your usual employee guide to office
politics: it goes beyond typical HR-oriented advice to reveal the 'hidden' company processes and rules most general, non-union employees never know ..."

"The fact that author Johanna Harris is a labor lawyer, specializes in investigating employee wrongdoing, and that she holds extensive experience in human resources law and employee relations lends authority to advice which is not to be found in other general books on employment."